Fund for the Blind, Inc.

Reporting Guidelines

  • Introduction
    Grantee reports provide both the grantee and the Fund the opportunity to reflect on the funded project’s accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned.
  • The Fund requires annual reports on the progress of each Fund-supported project:  interim reports for multi-year projects and final reports at the end of all projects. Double-spacing and 12-point font are preferred.
  • Interim reports should be submitted 11 months after the beginning of the grant period on which the report is focusing – a schedule that facilitates timely payment of the next year’s grant installment, if applicable.  (The grant period is here understood to start when the Fund’s grant check for that year is dated.  For example, if the grant check were dated January 15, the grant report would be due on December 15.)
  • Final reports should be submitted not later than two months after the grant’s end date, with the end date normally occurring one or more years after the date of the first Fund grant check earmarked for the project (or when all grant funds have been expended).
  • In writing the reports, please use the attached reporting guidelines. We ask that you respond concisely, using the format that is most convenient for you (for example, conventional narrative, bullet format, or short responses to each question).  In addition, if the contact person for the Fund-supported project or any of your organization’s other contact information has changed, please note these changes.
  • Subsequent payments of multi-year grants are contingent on the grantee having achieved satisfactory progress toward project goals in previous grant year(s).  Both the Fund’s staff and Board read the reports.
  • The Fund knows that writing complete, accurate, and thoughtful reports takes considerable time and effort, and we sincerely appreciate your cooperation.

Detailed Reporting Guidelines — In Two Parts

Please note that grant reports have two parts: narrative and financial.

Click here to review the guidelines for writing NARRATIVE reports (interim and final versions).

Click here to download the spreadsheet used in presenting the accompanying FINANCIAL reports.